Bridgette Broussard

Bridgette comes to us from a varied background of paralegal services, pharmacy technician experience, oilfield safety, and human resources. With a lifelong passion for writing, she specializes in content and SEO writing. She has a natural drive for excellence and an optimistic attitude that puts her clients at ease and a smile on their faces.

She is an avid scuba diver holding a recreational rescue certification and has her own SEO and content writing business specifically for diving companies. By doing this she hopes to help bring more people into the underwater world thereby increasing the awareness of this fragile ecosystem.

Bridgette loves working with clients from a broad spectrum of fields and enjoys learning and researching a wide variety of topics. Because of her varied work experiences, she is well versed in editing, copywriting, drafting legal documents, creating company policies and procedures, SEO writing, content writing, blogging and more.