Debra Gordon

Over her working life, Debra has performed in many different types of support positions in many different environments, primarily: the legal industry; the political sphere; the information technology industry; and, interior architecture and design.

Trying on many hats early in her working life, Debra began to discover her natural “strong suits”: critical thinking ability; analytical skills; problem solving. These skills, augmented by years of experience and education, have been the drivers behind the task and project choices that Debra finds interesting and satisfying.

If you want someone who can synthesize large amounts of information from disparate sources and spit out a report, Debra’s your Wrangler. If you want someone who has the tenacity of a terrier and won’t let go until getting to the bottom of an “if it doesn’t add up, there must be reason” issue, Debra’s your Wrangler. If you want someone who’s detail-oriented to a fault (in a good way), and is comfortable with granularity, Debra’s your Wrangler.

When not Wrangling, Deb enjoys life in Leander with her husband, Ron, a professor and author, and their two cats, Ashley and Melanie.