Dominique Allen

I am Dominique Allen, a dancer, a mother, and an entrepreneur. I have over 12 years of corporate Executive Assistance experience mostly in the non-profit healthcare sector. I have worked with everyone from managers and C-Suite Executives to business owners. As a Virgo, I am always looking to organize everything and everyone, so being able to get someone’s calendar and overall life in order is my favorite thing!

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology with a double minor in Black Studies and Psychology. I have always wanted to be a family and relationship counselor so I do my best to make others in any type of relationship feel heard and understood. I do my best to listen to the context of what someone is trying to convey and read between the lines when needed. I am very big on positive communication and helping a conversation or discussion progress in a constructive way while making everyone feel respected for their viewpoints. I believe in doing what makes you happy so as an Assistant I want to make sure that those I support feel that they have the time to feed into their passion as much as they can without having to worry about the mundane or tedious tasks that can come with the administrative side of running a business.

I am a dancer, dance instructor, and group fitness instructor. I love dancing, that is my passion and my release. My favorite thing is to dance with my 3-year-old daughter who is my choreographer, dance partner, and overall coolest person I’ve ever met! Can you tell that dance is my favorite? I have been professionally trained in ballet, modern, jazz, African and hip hop. I teach a heels class, Zumba class, and ab class, for a well-rounded full-body workout.