Gail Gonzales

Hi! I’m Gail Gonzales,

I’m a natural-born helper, planner, and communications specialist that loves brainstorming and problem solving with mission-driven entrepreneurs. I am part brand strategist, visual designer, marketing Sherpa, copywriter, and most importantly – a trusted ally and extension of your team.

Consulting services can be very costly so often entrepreneurs don’t reach out for the help they need. This is part of what I’m offering here as a wrangler. My superpower is empathy and after 25 years in design firms, ad agencies, and the corporate world as a lead designer and marketing project manager, I’m pretty good at it. I listen to what you get really excited about, take furious notes, and watch when your eyes light up. If you need a professional to bounce ideas off of let’s chat! I often ask clients what problems they are trying to solve which may result in different solutions than what they thought they needed.

That said, I am open to just taking some tasks or details off your plate like event planning logistics, following up with clients, giving you advice on your website, editing and proofing (keeping in mind your brand voice and audience, or helping to define that), email marketing or help with ad copy. Need a jingle and someone to sing it?! Yes I can do that too. I’m also very open to anything where I get to interact with people (except cold calls ;-).

When I’m not brand building you’ll find me exploring all the artsy weird fun Austin has to offer, hiking, hitting the dance floor, or jumping on stage to sing with the band!