Jacqueline Diaz DeVillegas

Hello, my name Is Jacqueline and I live in sunny Florida with my 7-year old daughter. I am a certified health-supportive chef who owned a personal chef business catering to clients that desired a healthy holistic approach to food. I left the food industry amid the pandemic and have not looked back. Since having my daughter my wish has been to be more available to her and to have a realistic work/life balance and that’s what led me to virtual work. I have been extremely eager to learn as much as I can and I have taken several courses to help propel my aspirations. I chose to specialize in social media focusing on food, health, and wellness considering my background. I am currently working on building up my skill set with other courses like podcast management, and two other CRM’s and the list will continue to grow with time. I love the beach and anything water-related and love the flavor of Chipotle peppers!