Kate Price

Kate started her career in Elementary Education with the plan of becoming an Elementary School Principal. But when it became apparent that she had a passion for entrepreneurship, she pivoted – kicking off a career in real estate, and teaching Business English to international executives on the side. English Language Coaching blossomed into a full-service communications business – Clarity Communications Coaching – where Kate works with adults from a variety of industries, aiding in their public relations, written and verbal communication, public speaking, and presentation skills.

Kate was introduced to Exec Wranglers by a mutual friend, and after that first meeting with CEO Stephanie Loayza, she knew she wanted to be a part of the Exec Wranglers team. Kate loves putting her entrepreneurial experience to work in wrangling the administrivia for many of Exec Wranglers’ clients. Additionally, she loves identifying and fostering new Wrangler talent as Exec Wranglers’ Chief People Ops Wrangler.

When she’s not supporting her clients’ business dreams, you can see Kate with a book in her hand (she participates in multiple book clubs,) a song in her heart (an avid theatre buff,) and a dream of the next location where she’ll travel (travel vouchers and suggestions enthusiastically accepted!)