Kate Price

Whatever she’s doing, Kate takes a lot of satisfaction and pride from helping people, and by providing them with great service. Kate originally graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education, and was able to guide hundreds of young learners through their school journey. Although she is no longer teaching in a traditional setting, Kate is skilled in taking her background in brain development/knowledge acquisition and putting it to work within communications and documents that are easily received and understood. Kate also has vast experience in sales, administrative oversight, contract writing, and team coordination in her career as a licensed Texas Realtor. Having run her own business herself, Kate knows the value of taking some of the administrative weight off of one’s plate, thereby freeing the business owner to focus on other areas of growth. When she’s not working, Kate enjoys attending live performance art, volunteering/advocacy work, dancing, and public speaking. Kate also assists English Language Learners of all ages with their educational, conversational, and business English needs. She is excited to help you achieve your next set of personal and professional goals!