Kyra Stevens

Kyra is an equally creative and logistical individual with a particular fascination with human beings and how they work. Growing up in Los Angeles, she realized she could explore this intrigue through acting. She went on to graduate from one of the top drama schools in world at Syracuse University. During her time there, she found success as a producer: she served as Financial Director to 8 full-scale productions, which required extensive money and scheduling management. Her success as a performer and a producer was entirely permitted by her organization, patience, and people skills. After school, she used this task-managing experience- combined with her personal love for social media- to help strategize and manage a tech start-up’s social media identity. Since then, she has fallen in love with the digital world and working remotely. (Plus, more time to spend her dog, Sasha. The only thing Kyra loves more than people is dogs!)

Because of her nuanced background, Kyra is able to coordinate with- or in this case, “wrangle”- others with empathy and a strong sense of responsibility. A client is a cast-mate to her; when they are supported, everyone performs their best.