Maya Punjabi

Maya is a heart-centered activist. She believes in the power of business to change our lives, people, communities, and planet.

Over her 10+ years as a marketing and sales specialist, she’s cultivated a passion for the systems that fuel our communications and connections. Her experience is across a variety of industries – fashion, software, medicine, real estate, online marketing, and film-making.

She loves weaving together her tapestry of skills, knowledge, and experience along with new research for the greater good. She’s a technology enthusiast and takes to integrating new software and processes for her clients with ease. She has a particular love and passion for all things social media and its capacity to reach and affect not just a company’s desired ideal customers but to cultivate a larger audience and conversation in society as well.

She looks forward to the opportunity to support your mission by wrangling your administrativia.

Outside of helping business owners stay in their zone of excellence, she enjoys handstand and dynamic movement training, music production, community development, making amazing meals, and spending time in nature with loved ones.