Morgan Paige

Morgan has several years of experience working as a leasing agent for an apartment company, duties including but not limited to customer service skills, scheduling, responding to emails and phone calls, social media assistance, building positive relationships with residents, and creating spreadsheets. Morgan was a recent member of the Maryland Opera Studio and head of the social media committee, in which she would post advertisements for musical events on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and put together program notes. She has over 50K followers on Tik Tok and continues to post videos with her knowledge of algorithm and social media experience. She has professional experience posting advertisements for companies on social media as a paid sponsor and is excellent at responding to comments and messages.

Morgan provides excellent communication skills and is friendly and detail-oriented. She has a strong interest in social media (Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter and Facebook) by creating stories and helping others promote their own businesses or social media needs. She is responsible and reliable. Morgan can juggle several tasks at a time while also providing a thorough job and attention to detail. She is always prompt to respond to messages and is a diligent, and honest worker. She has a good sense of empathy for others and is a team player.

Morgan is very friendly, optimistic, and open-minded. She loves working with people and actually teaches voice lessons virtually to all age groups. Morgan loves working with singers to boost confidence and help with vocal technique. Morgan is a graduate from the Maryland Opera Studio with a master’s degree in opera and a bachelor’s in voice performance. She has professional experience in musical theater and opera performing in several productions, and hopes to pursue performing as well as session singing for film and/or Disney. Morgan enjoys the camaraderie of performing in shows and making close friends. She is also passionate about cooking delicious recipes and yoga!