Shelley Schultz

Shelley has been a bookkeeper for over 30 years! She loves the work and finds it very rewarding when all of her accounts are in balance. She tends to lean towards working for small family owned companies or companies just starting out. Shelley finds it is satisfying to know she has started them in the right direction to handling their finances. Shelley lives in Oakville, CT with her husband of 31 years and their 5 rescue dogs. She has a small dog sitting business “Doggin It” (cats too) because she guesses taking care of her own 5 dogs just isn’t crazy enough. She has 1 daughter who got married in 2018 and just blessed them with a beautiful grandson in July. She can not get enough of his chubby cheeks and sweet smile. She is a huge animal lover and constantly tries to do what she can to help raise funds for local rescues – which makes her a great fit for Exec Wranglers! She is also a Wine Guide with Traveling Vineyard, an “in home” wine tasting, similar to Tupperware parties but with wine. Shelley loves sharing her knowledge of wines and the awesome tips and information she has picked up at the many conferences she’s attended. Shelley enjoys reading and her favorite authors are Sue Grafton and Patricia Cornwell. Fun fact: she actually met Sue Grafton at a book signing years ago and has a signed copy that she reads over and over.