Stephi Hupe

In anything she does, Stephi brings a strong sense of creativity and drive. She has over 4 years of experience with many digital programs, such as GSuite, iWork, and Microsoft Office, and has prioritized organization in both her personal and professional life. As a young adult, she brings a fresh, new perspective on marketing and branding through social media. Supporting her mom’s life coaching business from the beginning has given Stephi insight into how much time & energy any entrepreneur pours into their passions, and has allowed her to widen her skills in marketing, social media management, brand image, and web design. She also appreciates the workload that comes along with running a business and is so excited to be able to help you with the background details so you can focus on what matters most! In her free time, Stephi enjoys digital illustration, playing her instruments & listening to music, reading, and studying as a criminal justice student at Washington State University.