Vara Tukovinit

Born in Thailand, studied and worked in the US and Japan, traveled and lived in Asia and Europe, I have encountered many adventures, which led to personal and professional developments.

As far as I remember, I am always eager to help, no matter how small the task may seem, and people are drawn to me, because they know I can help them, for example, organizing overseas meditation trips, fixing an android phone although I am an iOS user, buying train/plane tickets, encouraging people to use new technology, rescuing and fostering greyhounds, teaching English in a remote area in Nepal without electricity and tapped water, or empowering someone to overcome obstacles and reach their full potential.

My zones of genius are accounting/financial analysis, household/property management, and hospitality/customer services. My qualifications include degrees in business administration and international management and certifications in QuickBooks Online and public accounting. I love delivering results to people who need help. I may not know the answers at first, but will make sure that I know the solutions inside out at the end.

When not taking care of my parents or volunteering my services, I do stretching, meditating, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.