How to Leverage Your Wrangler

Summer is flying by! The days are already getting shorter, and before you know it, the cool crisp Autumn leaves will be here. That means, if you’re not making the most of these warm sunny days now, it’s time to start! Of course, it can be hard to carve out time dedicated to visiting the beach, taking a vacation, or simply relaxing. However, if you leverage your current Wrangler appropriately, or decide to finally hire a Wrangler, you could take some sweet, sweet time off this summer without interrupting your workflow. Here’s how: 

  • Planning: Set a meeting with your Wrangler and come prepared with your Summer Goals! That means doing a little homework (either on your own or with your Wrangler), in which you brain-dump everything you want to accomplish or set in place. Between you and your Wrangler, you can then determine what is the priority, and what is needed to make that happen. 
  • Automation: Speaking of making it happen, ask your Wrangler to create a schedule or a timeline of what needs to be done. Once you are both in agreement, your Wrangler can automate as much of the necessary processes as needed. Whether that’s scheduling emails to go out, social media posting through a third party app, or some other system that addresses your biggest asks! 
  • Check-Ins: Decide how you want updates. Perhaps, you only need a weekly update to feel comfortable about where all the tasks stand, or maybe you want something more frequent in order to feel settled. Make sure your Wrangler knows this preference, and how you would like that update delivered: email, text, project management app, etc. 

Remember that the more you communicate with your Wrangler, the more you empower them to help you in the way you’d like to be helped. Working like this can also result in your Wrangler beginning to anticipate your wants and needs, which means that you will be able to step away from your desk not just during the summer, but whenever you decide to, without worrying that your business will grind to a halt! 

If you’re interested in bringing on a Wrangler and increasing your Vitamin D levels this season, check out our website.