How it Works!

Lasso a Wrangler!

Here’s how it works:

We’ll corral some information about you and your business up front so we can match you with a Wrangler.

All of our clients start with our Roundup Package to set you and your Wrangler up for success. See below for all of the details.

You’ll receive an email with instructions to sign up.

We’ll lasso a Wrangler for you within 72 business hours and do an e-troduction so you can schedule a quick intro call.

You’ll also schedule your initial Roundup Kickoff Call which is your initial kickoff call with your Wrangler to set you up for success! Your Wrangler will walk you through our structured onboarding process.

If you prefer to chat with a human first, book a call below!


20 hour for your first 90 days - this package also includes:

The Roundup

Our Roundup Package is the perfect place to start - you'll get 20 hours to use within your first 90 days. At the end of the 90-day Roundup you may keep any unused hours and roll them into one of our Monthly Wrangling Subscriptions for ongoing support. After the Roundup, we offer flexible monthly subscriptions starting at only $445/month.

Post-Roundup Monthly Wrangling



Per Month, USD.

Up to 10 hours of Wrangling per month



Per Month, USD.

Up to 20 hours of Wrangling per month



Per Month, USD.

Up to 30 hours of Wrangling per month



Per Month, USD.

Up to 40 hours of Wrangling per month



Per Month, USD.

Up to 50 hours of Wrangling per month



Per Month, USD.

Up to 60 hours of Wrangling per month



Per Month, USD.

Up to 70 hours of Wrangling per month



Per Month, USD.

Up to 80 hours of Wrangling per month

Why Work With a Virtual Assistant

Instead of a Full-Time In-House Assistant?

Cost Savings

Save $$ on recruiting, job postings, onboarding & training, heath insurance & other benefits, sick pay, holidays, vacation time, legal / HR, payroll processing, IT equipment & office furniture and office space. Plus - you are not paying for employee down time...time spent at the water cooler chatting about their weekend!


Studies show home-based workers are 13% more productive than their in-house counterparts, had a 50% lower attrition rate, and reported more positive job satisfaction. In addition, remote workers get an automatic productivity boost from not commuting, and can change their work hours to fit the clients' schedule (and theirs!).

Get Help Faster

We've done all of the interviewing, vetting and background checks for you - your Wrangler can start immediately. A January 2022 article states that the average cost to hire an employee is $4,425, with around 36-42 days to fill a position.

Save the Planet!

By not having in-house employees commuting to your office every day, you're reducing greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption and air pollution.