Sophie Aknin

I’m a creative thinker and professional storyteller! I hold a BFA in Musical Theatre from Point Park University and work professionally as a performing artist. I’ve directed and produced my own work and have found a love for the administrative, organizational side of making big ideas come to life. In addition to managing social media pages for my university and family-owned small business, I have picked up skills alongside my many creative endeavors over the years: writing, editing (major grammar nerd alert!), photography, and video editing to name a few – I love to learn and am obsessed with building new skills.

I bring my signature optimism and can-do spirit into whatever project I’m working on. I love collaboration and working as part of a team, and am an excellent communicator (I have my theatre background to thank for that). I’m naturally skilled at keeping multiple “brain tabs” open at all times and love the thrill of switching between many hats.

Some of my other passions are fitness, food, and exploring! I’m a Cardio Dance instructor, I love to try new restaurants, and am rarely found without a coffee cup in my hand and music playing in my headphones. Either that, or FaceTiming my childhood dogs, Lucy and Pedro.