Celebrating Virtual Assistant Appreciation Month

Celebrating Virtual Assistant Appreciation Month

While May 17 serves as International Virtual Assistant Appreciation Day, we love to celebrate our Wranglers all month long! Our Wranglers are an integral part of our small businesses, helping us manage our administrivia with efficiency and expertise.They deserve recognition and appreciation for their hard work and dedication! That’s why there’s a whole month dedicated to appreciating them and we invite you to do the same.

Why Celebrate Your Virtual Assistant?

Our Wranglers are not just task-doers; they’re your partners in success. They take care of that pesky administrivia, manage your schedule, handle customer service, and much more. This allows you to focus on what matters most – growing your business. Their contribution is invaluable and celebrating them helps boost their morale and motivation as they continue to support your endeavors.

Ways to Celebrate Your Virtual Assistant

1. Send a Thank You Note

A simple ‘thank you’ can go a long way. Write a heartfelt note expressing your gratitude for their hard work. Let them know how much you value their contribution.

2. Recognition

Email us at howdy@execwranglers.com to personally recognize your Wranglers’ achievements and to express your gratitude! This not only boosts their morale, but enhances their professional reputation. We always appreciate testimonials by our happy clients on our Google business page, social media accounts, as well as in newsletter shout-outs!

3. Celebrate Their Milestones

Take note of their work anniversaries, completed projects, or personal achievements and celebrate them!. A simple email acknowledgment, a mention in your next meeting, or sending a virtual cup of coffee can really brighten their day!

Celebrate Virtual Assistants


Celebrating your virtual assistant on May 17 or all month long is a wonderful way to express your gratitude and let them know how much you value their contributions. Remember, a happy and appreciated Wrangler is more likely to stay motivated and committed to helping your business succeed. So, take this opportunity to show your appreciation and celebrate your Wrangler!

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