Celebrating Gratitude & Team Excellence

Celebrating Gratitude & Team Excellence

This November, we have so much to be grateful for, including our Veterans for their service, celebration of Native American Heritage Month, and spending time with loved ones on Thanksgiving… and last, but definitely not least, our team of Wranglers!

Here at Exec Wranglers, our foundation is built on the belief that businesses thrive when leaders can focus on their Zones of Harmony, leaving their administrivia to trusted hands. Our Wranglers are more than virtual assistants; they are the keystones that support leaders in their quest for excellence.

Through the dedication of our team, we have seen our clients’ businesses soar to new heights, and their social impact expand through a ripple effect of change. But don’t just take it from us, read the words straight from our happy clients past and present!

Client Testimonials
“13,000. That is the number of emails I had when I hired my Wrangler…She sorted, deleted, and categorized with expertise… She took a load off me and I am so proud to say that I have 78 emails only in my inbox. Thank you, Exec Wranglers, for your professionalism… I would highly recommend you to anyone needing organization in their life” – Valerie Preston
“Our firm has been working with Exec Wranglers for over a year now… [they] have been incredibly helpful in managing some of the ‘administrivia’ for our firm, such as setting up systems that streamline our administrative processes… Our whole team loves working with them and we are all so grateful to their contributions to our firm. THANK YOU to our Wrangler and thank you to the Exec Wranglers team for all of your help!!” – Leslie Thetford

“I’ve enjoyed delegating those tedious but necessary tasks to someone I know will do a great job with them…I can confidently say that hiring Exec Wranglers is one of the best things I’ve ever done for my business.” – Philip Simonetti

“I started working with exec wranglers… and have really loved it! so much so that we brought the excellent wrangler I was working with on to help my whole team… very happy and would highly recommend!” – Alessandra DeLaCruz

“… Exec Wranglers frees us to invest our efforts and energies in the important work of counseling and coaching. We are at ease knowing that the details of website life are so well taken care of. Thank you Exec Wranglers!” – Caroline Eick

“The experience of working with Exec Wranglers has been very affirming and pleasant… And I love that you are tapping into the knowledge of this entire team, so they bring that collective expertise into my company… I highly recommend them for their service, but also for who they are as a company and what they embody in their brand!” – Emily Soccorsy

Let’s hit pause and shine a light on appreciation! This feature is all about the wonders a heartfelt ‘thanks’ can do—it’s a mighty tool that can turbo-charge your team and make your clients glow. Check out our latest article on why giving props isn’t just thoughtful, it’s strategic for nurturing business bonds and your own peace of mind. Learn how our Wranglers can assist you in spreading that gratitude far and wide, and why recognizing your support circle might just be your best investment. Here’s to making gratitude the heart of our hustle!

If you are overwhelmed by some of your tasks but aren’t sure what kind of help you need—take advantage of our FREE Delegation Strategy Session.

Wrangling Around the World 

Our Wranglers have traveled more than ever. Check out our updated Wrangling Around the World Map: 
Wrangling Around The World

Are you a woman entrepreneur looking for community, sisterhood, and support? Check out Ellivate Alliance, a community of brave women entrepreneurs who are channeling our feminine wisdom to run our businesses, create social change and find joy in who we are and what we do. Together. Our founder, Stephanie Fritts, is a proud member and says: “Simply stated, without Ellivate my business would absolutely NOT be thriving as it is today. Ellivate has given me the support, knowledge, connection, and collaboration that is so critical in building a thriving business.” Learn more here.

Become a Wrangler!

We’re Always Looking For Talent!
Want to enjoy the flexibility of working from home without having to waste time wrangling new clients? Exec Wranglers is looking for highly-motivated virtual assistants who have a passion for serving others. Come join us and experience the freedom of working virtually with the ideal work/life harmony to match your professional pursuits, supported by a team of fellow VAs (Wranglers). Click here to apply!

Do you have a nonprofit you admire or a second business to showcase? At Exec Wranglers we’re passionate about supporting our community. If you’d like to nominate a business to be featured in a future newsletter, please fill out a form here.

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