Comparing Project Management Tools

Comparing Project Management Tools

Finding the right project management tool is like finding the right employee: it has to be a good fit for your company. That discovery process can be timely, and in some cases, costly, which is why we at Exec Wranglers want to do some of the groundwork for you! The following programs are those we have used within our company or when working for our clients. The list isn’t exhaustive, but we hope it will help to point you in the right direction. 


  • How it works: In this project management tool, you invite collaborators to your board that you split into separate columns/categories. Underneath each column, you create cards, or topics, that appear like a list. Within each card, you can add more information, link documents and pictures, tag someone for a conversation, and more! 
  • Who it’s great for: Trello is an especially good fit for visual learners and communicators.
  • Pricing: The free version is pretty comprehensive, but leaves out some key features (assigning tasks and scheduling are the most notable). After that, the first package starts at $5/month.


  • How it works: Pick one of Monday’s 200+ templates for your workflow and adapt the different columns to your projects’ needs. Then, import information from spreadsheets or other documents you’ve created, so everything you’ve already worked on will also be in the system, avoiding time wasted on manually inputting data.
  • Who it’s great for: Monday is especially well-suited to large teams with more expansive projects as who’s in charge of what task and when it’s due are clearer. It also offers a variety of different program integrations, such as Zoom and Google Meet.
  • Pricing: Free for two team members. Starts at $24/month after that.


  • How it works: In Basecamp, you set up your project using a card table — it looks a bit like a bulletin board of Post-it notes. There, you can track your project’s status. Other sections are for messaging, file uploads, to-do lists, and more.  
  • Who it’s great for: Basecamp is a great option for those working on a singular project together, such as an umbrella project that has multiple items underneath it. Basecamp’s setup isn’t conducive for two totally different projects though, unless those projects aren’t that big/detailed.
  • Pricing: Basecamp starts at $15/month. Unlike some other applications, they have responsive customer service that could make the extra money worth it.

Did any of the above project management tools entice you? If not, don’t fear. There are so many others! Some honorable mentions include: Asana, ClickUp, Notion, and AirTable. If you’ve got a project management tool that you love, please comment below and let us know why it works for your business!

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