Empowering a Diverse Workforce

9-to-5 work, Monday-Friday, isn’t for everyone. In fact, some scientists may argue it’s actually detrimental to our health. Others are even advocating for officially shortening the work week, or what’s considered “full-time.” At the very least, many people could benefit from a certain level of flexibility in their day— which we’re proud to champion here at Exec Wranglers for both our clients and our remote workers, aka Wranglers. The flexibility we allow means we can employ Wranglers with differing needs, allowing them to have meaningful work when they otherwise might not be able to find it. If you as a business owner are also interested in empowering a diverse workforce, here are some of the people you could potentially engage:

  • Stay at home parents or caregivers: Childcare can be very expensive, and is often not realistic for many families. However, when you bring on a virtual team member who is able to clock-in alongside their children, you’re likely saving them a ton of money (not to mention wasted hours on the road commuting), and you’re giving them the opportunity to spend more quality time with their kids. The same goes for all other caregivers. We can often forget about those who are supporting a relative, spouse, or another loved one. These caregivers similarly benefit from being able to work from home on a flexible schedule. Not only that, but when you empower a remote worker, your positive influence often extends into their families and the overall community. The Bonus is that you too can be a stay at home parent or caregiver when you set up a virtual office.
  • People with disabilities or those who are neurodivergent: Physically working in an office can be difficult: fluorescent lighting, uncomfortable chairs or desks, no space to store the items you need daily, etc. These limitations could keep certain individuals from working at all, as some might need special equipment, medicine that doesn’t travel well, a custom set up, or something else. Others might need planned mental breaks, room in their schedule for physical therapy or counseling, or additional measures to aid in focusing. Working from home allows each person to schedule their day in a way that not only benefits you, but them as well! The Bonus is that you also have the flexibility to structure your schedule and home office for your own unique needs— AND you get a fresh-faced, eager Wrangler who is ready to serve your business in the highest way possible! 
  • People without transportation: There are a myriad of reasons as to why someone may not have access to transportation; whether that’s financially-related, ability-related, or other. With the increasing security issues we’ve been having on public transportation, and the environmental issues related to car usage, there are even more tangible benefits to not having to commute at all. The Bonus of hiring a virtual worker is that you can give your vehicle a rest as well! 

This list, of course, is not exhaustive. For example, you could also support someone pursuing a personal dream while they’re supporting you! Artists, burgeoning small business owners, and craftsmen may be in the process of honing their unique specialties, and while they do that, they need a day job that works with them, not against them— just like you might have needed when you were starting your business in the beginning! So, in a way, bringing on a Wrangler could be your way of giving back to someone else. 

At Exec Wranglers, we’re thrilled to be able to have so many different people with varying needs, skills, abilities, talents, and backgrounds. We’re truly better for it.  
Interested in finding out how you could add one of our Wranglers to your team? Check out our website for more details!

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