New Year, Smart Delegation

New Year, Smart Delegation

Welcome to the bright beginnings of a new year! As we step into this fresh chapter, it’s the perfect moment to cultivate one of the most transformative habits for thriving both personally and professionally: healthy delegation. Delegation isn’t only about distributing tasks; it’s empowering your team, streamlining productivity, and focusing your energies on your Zone of Harmony. Click here to read more about how you can harness the power of healthy delegation! 

By embracing smart delegation, we not only enhance our own work experience, we also foster a collaborative and supportive environment for everyone involved. We’re looking forward to being a part of your journey this year, helping you easily manage the details of Administrivia with ease. Here’s to a year filled with dynamic teamwork, personal growth, and collective victories!

We’re excited to share our latest YouTube feature: “Exec Wranglers Virtual Assistant Services.” This engaging video provides an overview of how our top-notch, US-based team is committed to elevating entrepreneurs and executives who are making a meaningful impact in the world. 

Discover the story of Exec Wranglers and our mission to alleviate the burden of Administrivia, enabling influential leaders to focus on their core passions and strengths – their Zone of Harmony. You’ll gain insight into how our specialized services not only help streamline business operations but also play a pivotal role in amplifying social impact. Explore how our partnership can rekindle excitement and accelerate the growth of your business. And, please feel free to share this video with those impactful leaders or organizations who might benefit from our services!

Delegation Session

If you are overwhelmed by some of your tasks but aren’t sure what kind of help you need—take advantage of our FREE Delegation Strategy Session.

Wrangling Around the World 

Our Wranglers have traveled more than ever. Check out our updated Wrangling Around the World Map: 
Wrangling Around The World

Are you a woman entrepreneur looking for community, sisterhood, and support? Check out Ellivate Alliance, a community of brave women entrepreneurs who are channeling our feminine wisdom to run our businesses, create social change and find joy in who we are and what we do. Together. Our founder, Stephanie Fritts, is a proud member and says: “Simply stated, without Ellivate my business would absolutely NOT be thriving as it is today. Ellivate has given me the support, knowledge, connection, and collaboration that is so critical in building a thriving business.” Learn more here.

Become a Wrangler!

We’re Always Looking For Talent!
Want to enjoy the flexibility of working from home without having to waste time wrangling new clients? Exec Wranglers is looking for highly-motivated virtual assistants who have a passion for serving others. Come join us and experience the freedom of working virtually with the ideal work/life harmony to match your professional pursuits, supported by a team of fellow VAs (Wranglers). Click here to apply!

Do you have a nonprofit you admire or a second business to showcase? At Exec Wranglers we’re passionate about supporting our community. If you’d like to nominate a business to be featured in a future newsletter, please fill out a form here.

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