Six Years of Harmony Celebrating Growth and Women's Leadership

Six Years of Harmony: Celebrating Growth and Women’s Leadership

On March 5th, we hit a big milestone: our 6th birthday! It’s a special moment that makes us look back at all we’ve achieved together, with our amazing clients and our dedicated team of Wranglers. We’ve grown a lot, and we’re excited to keep growing!

This month is also Women’s History Month, and we’re proud to be a Woman-owned small business. It’s a big part of who we are and how we’ve come this far.

Our Wranglers, or what we like to call our super team of virtual assistants, have been key to our success. They have skills and teamwork like no other, helping us tackle challenges and support all kinds of businesses.

As we celebrate six years of success and growth, we’re excited about the future. We’re all about making things easier for leaders so they can focus on what they do best… Their Zone of Harmony. Here’s to many more years of working together, growing, and making a difference!

If you know someone who could use our help, tell them about us. We’re here to make an impact, together. Let’s keep making history!

Register for our Creating Harmony Through Delegation Workshops!

Creating Harmony Through Delegation Workshops

Join Stephanie Fritts, our visionary Founder and Chief Exec Wrangler, for an insightful 60-minute virtual workshop titled “Creating Harmony Through Delegation.” This session is tailor-made for small business owners and solopreneurs seeking to streamline their operations. Discover how our workshops can empower you to delegate effectively, ensuring your business runs smoothly. Don’t miss this chance to learn how you can enhance your business’s efficiency and productivity!

Our approach is more than just task management; it’s about providing a foundation for growth, efficiency, and success. It’s about being a sounding board and offering solutions you may not have considered. By focusing on what we do best, we enable you to focus on what you love about your business, driving it to new heights. Whether you’re seeking to improve productivity, enhance client satisfaction, expand your reach, or make room for more quality time outside of the office, our team is ready to support your journey. Transform your business (and your life!) with our Wranglers.

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The heart of your business is more than just understanding what you do or how you do it – it’s about finding the ‘Why’ behind your work. This ‘Why’ is the magic that can push your business forward and help you connect deeply with people who come across your brand. Come with us as we explore the power of your ‘Why’ and how it can change your business. Share your story with us!
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Wrangling Around the World 

Our Wranglers have traveled more than ever. Check out our updated Wrangling Around the World Map: 
Wrangling Around The World

Are you a woman entrepreneur looking for community, sisterhood, and support? Check out Ellivate Alliance, a community of brave women entrepreneurs who are channeling our feminine wisdom to run our businesses, create social change and find joy in who we are and what we do. Together. Our founder, Stephanie Fritts, is a proud member and says: “Simply stated, without Ellivate my business would absolutely NOT be thriving as it is today. Ellivate has given me the support, knowledge, connection, and collaboration that is so critical in building a thriving business.” Learn more here.

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Want to enjoy the flexibility of working from home without having to waste time wrangling new clients? Exec Wranglers is looking for highly-motivated virtual assistants who have a passion for serving others. Come join us and experience the freedom of working virtually with the ideal work/life harmony to match your professional pursuits, supported by a team of fellow VAs (Wranglers). Click here to apply!

Do you have a nonprofit you admire or a second business to showcase? At Exec Wranglers we’re passionate about supporting our community. If you’d like to nominate a business to be featured in a future newsletter, please fill out a form here.

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