Virtual Work and Saving the Earth!

We all know how important it is to take care of the environment. Earth is our home, after all. As such, many companies are taking pledges to become carbon neutral, or at the very least, to be “more green.” What that means and how it’s achieved varies greatly, but one way to help the environment is to hire a virtual assistant. Seriously. For the longest time, people have been rising with the sun to commute for hours and clock in at an office, but after 2020, many realized how possible it is to work remotely. Countless organizations have noticed that working from home improves employee satisfaction, decreases overhead, and neutralizes their carbon footprint.  

At Exec Wranglers, we’re ardent supporters of remote work, and here’s why: 

When you hire a virtual assistant there’s no need for transportation to and from your job. As a result, you and your employee(s) are no longer contributing to the rush hour congestion, or the massive amount of air pollution and greenhouse gasses that result from driving your vehicle every day. NASA itself said that limiting travel, particularly like we saw at the beginning of the covid crisis, created a drastic difference in air quality in just a matter of weeks. Imagine what kind of long-lasting effects we could create if more people switched to virtual work permanently!

Another amazing benefit of not having to commute is that you and your VA have more time and money that could be used for environmental activism or investing in greener alternatives. In other words, in saving the hours spent each day in commuting to work, not only can you and your VA have a fuller life outside of work, but you actually have the space to focus on making a change. Traveling to work, whether by car or public transit, can be expensive, especially now as the costs of living keep increasing. Moreover, think of all the time and resources you spend as a business owner on maintaining a physical office – leasing fees, liability insurance, maintenance costs, and utility bills, just to name a few. That extra spending money you’ll save from going remote can be used however you like, perhaps in support of causes close to your heart. And the reduction in water usage, electricity usage, etc. of a physical office makes a huge difference when it comes to your company’s carbon footprint.    

The other major way virtual assistants are great for the environment is that they digitally automate processes and practices, leading to far less waste. Paper waste accounts for 26% of the total waste in landfills, and is a major contributor to deforestation. If you enjoy sitting under the shade, watching the trees sway, and breathing clean air, then you may want to work with a virtual assistant. Luckily, the benefits of a virtual support system extend far beyond the environment to include increased efficiency, the ability to work anywhere in the world, and the option to wear your pajamas bottoms all day long (if that’s your thing).

As Earth Day is fresh on our minds, perhaps it’s time to evaluate how you and your company are impacting the Earth and what kind of planet you’d like to leave for your successors. If you want to make a positive impact on the world, your business, and your life, then bring on a VA, or two! 

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