Wranglers Are The Personal Trainers Of Your Business

The beginning of the year always sparks resolutions for how we’re going to be better… whatever that means. We swear this is the year we will exercise more, drink a gallon of water a day, lose the extra weight, etc. And while we may be quite gung-ho in January, by the time March rolls around, it may be a different story. So, we start to think about working with a personal trainer, weighing the financial cost with the fact that we really want to make changes and see new gains this year.  

Been there?

Then, you know, after the initial glitzy glam of new purchase adrenaline wears off, the real benefit of hiring a personal trainer starts to become apparent, and it may not be what you initially imagined. Actually, in many ways – it’s better. 

In fact, hiring a Wrangler to help with your business is similar to hiring a personal trainer for your fitness. First, your Wrangler has to get some metrics: What are your strengths and weaknesses?  What have you been avoiding that would really benefit you? Your Wrangler also needs to do a full habit inventory to see what practices may be holding you back, and then make a plan of action to help you reach your goals. 

Just like a personal trainer for your business, your Wrangler can help you in the following areas: 

  1. Accountability: You know how a personal trainer sets appointments with you and checks in throughout the week? So does your Wrangler. That means you have someone to report to, who is counting on you to show up. We’ve seen time and time again that you’ll be more apt to finish a project as your Wrangler won’t let you forget or push aside what needs to get done. BONUS!— your Wrangler also supports you in that process!  
  2. Expertise: Like a personal trainer, your Wrangler is an authority in their field. They are experts in all forms of administrivia, which means you can lean on them to help establish and vet your systems. Wranglers are also great resources to bounce ideas off of, and may even be able to point out blindspots you’ve been missing. BONUS!— when you work with Exec Wranglers, you also get a group of highly-skilled specialists your Wrangler can collaborate with to find the best solution for you. 
  3. Teammate: At the end of the day, a personal trainer can’t make clients do the work, but they can give them tools. That’s why it’s a reciprocal relationship, and not one-sided. It’s the same in working with a Wrangler. You now have someone you can lean on, who can support you in extending your boundaries. Typically, this relationship grows over time as you establish a unique cadence and rhythm. BONUS!— like a personal trainer, your Wrangler wants you to succeed, often straddling the line of coach and cheerleader. 

All in all, it’s not generally the workouts that make a personal trainer so invaluable— let’s be honest, there are a million free workouts on YouTube! Instead, it’s the structure. It’s having someone there to troubleshoot with you in real time, someone who you enjoy seeing, and someone who can monitor your unique progress. That’s exactly what a Wrangler will offer, and then some. 

If you’re still interested in making this your *best year yet,* check out our website for how we can be of service!

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